Immortal Village

Carnegie Mellon University Press + February 2018

Immortal Village was published in 2018. Thanks to Nora Sturges for the beautiful cover artwork.

“Lyrically vibrant, endlessly captivating, and deeply connected to the natural world, these poems are full of the necessary mess and the undeniable beauty of human existence. In these poems, Rhett is both the brilliant observer and the devoted insider allowing for twists and shifts that move as quickly as the mind. Immortal Village is a strikingly intricate book that stares directly at all the wildness this life offers.” —Ada Limon

“For years Kathryn Rhett has been writing some of the most compelling and crystalline essays in contemporary literature, offering readers singular meditations on living and loving, while shining light on the tempestuous weather of our domestic lives. Channeling the clear-eyed vision of Elizabeth Bishop, Rhett’s first book of poetry engages fundamental questions of travel with a steely grace. Though she says, “My dream is elsewhere,” Rhett is a poet supremely rooted in places and people, in the currents of time and history. Immersed in the arresting visual iconography of art and myth, Immortal Village is an innovative book of hours and a haunting poetic debut.”—Jane Satterfield

Once again, in her dazzling new collection of poems, Immortal Village, Kathryn Rhett paints the world with a supreme delicacy and a precise elegance that is immaculate in its ability to illuminate our lives. Kathryn Rhett’s remarkable poems are somehow always both modest and yet capacious, tender and yet deeply visceral, daily and yet transcendent. In these poems, the profound power and solitude of art and experience are made intimate, immediate and, finally, iridescent as an angel’s wings in every beloved Renaissance Annunciation. I love these poems. —David St. John